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007 Voices of Bond

Words: Douglas O’Hara

Returning to the Edinburgh Fringe, 007 Voices of Bond delivers a stellar performance once more to a sold-out crowd of Bond fans and music enthusiasts.  From the beginning of the show, the lights slowly dim, and the screen flashes with an intercept from a mock “M” introducing the talented vocalist Maia Elsey and the multi award-winning band of Night Owl Shows.

Beginning with Diamonds are Forever, the musical journey of Bond from the Sean Connery to Daniel Craig years continues with iconic classics such as Live and Let Die, Skyfall and many others from the franchise. Although not every song is included, the selection does a splendid job encapsulating the decades long journey of 007. Through the fifty-minute session, interwoven trivia is debriefed to the audience between each song and garners a deeper appreciation for the franchise. 

The James Bond songs and the talent of Shirley Bassey and Gladys Knight to recent artists such as Alicia Keys and Billie Eilish among others, are iconic names with distinct vocal stylings. To recreate such is a daunting task, one where Maia Elsey’s performance met the challenge exceptionally well. While some songs were better performed than others, none were left wanting and met with resounding applause. 

Despite some minor technical difficulties with delayed video intermissions and microphone issues the performers adapted quickly and embraced the challenges of a live performance with professionalism and a light-heartedness.  

007 Voices of Bond is an epic musical journey of immersive fun, and nostalgia containing suave secrets and an action-packed performance.  

007 Voices of Bond
theSpace @ Symposium Hall, Amphitheatre
6-27 Aug


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