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Aaron Simmonds: Baby Steps

Words: Alex Grunberg

Aaron Simmonds takes us on a journey from comedy festivals to weddings, from sports competitions to freak Segway accidents, in a high-energy stand-up act that throws the audience into a whirlwind of storytelling. Sometimes fuelled by a desire for friendship and connection, and sometimes fuelled by well-earned spite, Simmonds takes control of the narrative of his comedy career. 

We get snapshot after snapshot of his life that form a dizzying interwoven narrative, introducing us to the wide cast including two grandmothers undergoing a relationship arc from enemies to friends in the most heart warming yet unfortunately timed fashion, as well as a sexually aggressive Romanian power lifter. 

If some of the plot gets lost in the rush of jokes and anecdotes, Simmonds’ constant enthusiasm and engagement with the audience keep us right by his side as he pulls us consistently forward, twisting punchlines in on themselves and turning fumbles into part of the routine. 

While it does feel a little unfinished, Simmonds appears to enjoy the uncertainty and improvisation, looking for new opportunities in every audience reaction. Expect the unexpected. And an abundance of dick jokes. A fully justified and surprisingly varied abundance of dick jokes. 

Aaron Simmonds: Baby Steps
Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker Two
3-28 Aug (not 14)


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