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Aidan Jones: Adult Adoption

Words: Elodie Marriott

3 stars

On his journey to better himself, Aidan Jones finds the funny in the sad, and has set the ups and downs to the sound of Chopin. Playing parts of the piece to match with the emotion of sections in his story, he hopes that through music we can understand him better.

Seeking a visa in order to live in the UK, Jones details the process of being adopted by his stepdad, which he imagines is a lot weirder as a fully grown adult than as a baby. His breakdown on their relationship is light-hearted and entertaining, while still being clearly rooted in fondness. 

The content of his set are events that have recently passed or are still on-going, such as the relationship with his now ex-girlfriend, who he says he’s meeting after the show for the first time since the breakup. This certainly heightens the reactions to further anecdotes about the relationship.

At times it feels like a therapy session in which he’s joking around, persuading us that he’s doing well. One heckler isn’t convinced, muttering: ‘I’m concerned for you,’ with a fiver in her hand. Whether this is Jones’s intention or not, this show encourages sympathy as well as lots of laughs.

Aidan Jones: Adult Adoption
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, The Attic
20-27 Aug


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