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Alex Kealy at Just The Tonic at The Caves

Political comedy that takes into account the effect of stink bombs on decision making, Kealy’s show, Rationale, ponders the less obvious influences on our seemingly rational opinions. 

Based on the premise that we are all emotional creatures, who make our decisions from the gut and layer excuses on top, Kealy draws on psychology and his own insights gleaned from therapy, creating a comedy that, given his need to be liked, he hopes very much that everyone will like.  And all this from a self-confessed repressor of emotions.

The show is full of well-crafted lines, and keen observation that Kealy performs with confidence and skill. Kealy’s lines on the subject of his own family and background are brilliant.  Some niche academic references risk losing the audience. At times Kealy comes across like a frustrated lecturer whose tutees aren’t up to scratch. Frequent use of the c-word seems irrational for someone who likes to be liked by all.

Shedding some light on the current political climate, Kealy offers up a psych class with a difference, full of tips on how to turn a crowd right-wing.  A class that you might well not want the bell to ring in!


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