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Alexander Bennett: I Can’t Stand the Man, Myself

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

4 stars

In his stand-up comedy show I Can’t Stand the Man, Myself, Alexander Bennett takes us on a journey through self-critique, self-discovery, and self-love with a dash of hilarity.

Oozing with self-deprecation, Bennett dives into his experiences, cleverly intertwining personal anecdotes with social commentary. From tales of living alone and going slightly mad to recounting the plot of The Human Centipede (ignoring pleas from the audience not to), Bennett offers relatability with a comedic twist. Despite a small audience, his engaging presence forges connections and delivers an energetic performance that keeps the laughter flowing.

His comedic charm shines as he shares his aspiration to embody the confidence of the audacious woman who chose Robbie Williams over a restroom. From witty commentary on fashion choices to a shared disdain for estate agents, Bennett’s humour strikes a chord. Throughout these stories he skilfully weaves in serious reminders about embracing our flaws and fostering self-love, even when it seems difficult.

I Can’t Stand the Man, Myself balances hilarity with poignant themes, often taking unexpected turns. Bennett’s mischievous charm captivates a small audience, forging a connection that keeps the energy alive from start to finish making this a highly enjoyable show to attend.

Alexander Bennett: I Can’t Stand the Man, Myself
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose, Coorie
25-27 Aug


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