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Alexandra Haddow: Not My Finest Hour

Words: Elodie Marriott

4 stars

Alexandra Haddow knows she’s made mistakes. And she’s willing to admit to them. Well, only the ones that she’s comfortable talking about to a crowd, for money.

The story of her tryst with an older, somewhat famous man, is the thread that runs through her set and allows Haddow to skilfully weave in and out of topics connected to the affair. She discusses the generational divide, marking the difference as those who have surplus wine, and those who consume any and all alcohol immediately.

Coining the word ‘insania’, she relates the misadventures of her twenties with energy and ease, confident in its relatability as no one escapes those times unscathed. Formatted like one of her favourite note-app celebrity apologies, Haddow lists her excuses for this behaviour, including the way in which she lost her virginity, the way her, ahem, heart is pre-disposed to unsuitable men due to her hometown, and her conflicting heritage as part English, part Scottish. 

The punchlines are fresh and witty, and her delivery of jokes is distinctly comfortable. Alexandra Haddow is just like us, even admitting to enjoying the occasional Toby Carvery, yet she sets herself apart as an engaging storyteller, who encourages us to support her rights, and her wrongs.

Alexandra Haddow: Not My Finest Hour
Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker Two
20-25, 27-28 Aug


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