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Almost Adult

Words: Georgia Adele Noble

5 stars

Charlotte Anne Tilley has created a fantastic, one-woman show, filled with pangs of nostalgia. 

‘Hope’ leaves her hometown up North for the big bright lights of London. We follow her journey as she tackles life in a new city. From Hinge dates to flat mate squabbles and her latest job at Dinoworld, we are on the rollercoaster of life with her. 

Through the tears, laughter, and awkward moments, Tilley tackles the awkward side of growing up and not quite ‘knowing it all’ even when you think you do. She guides us through her learning of the all-important life lessons that she has found; some lessons more welcome than others. 

While not reinventing the wheel with this content, it is relatable; her first awkward job interview, missing her Mum and Dad, and ultimately trying to avoid them as much as possible. 

What is exceptional about Tilley is the engagement with the crowd throughout the show; she is personable and honest, tackling workplace harassment in a thoughtful manner while managing to find humour and light-heartedness. Particularly enjoyable are the funny and joyous dance routines during scene changes.

Tilley pokes fun at herself, allowing the audience to laugh with her throughout the show. But the undercurrent is a deeper, important issue of women and sexual assault, that leaves you with a lot to think about.

Almost Adult
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose, Snug
19-27 Aug


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