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An Evening of Mayhem with Megan Stalter

megan stalter image

Words: Katie McCulloch

4 stars

Known for exuding silliness, Megan Stalter has the frenzied exuberance of a child with a video camera making home movies – adopting flamboyant personas and making themselves giggle.  Stalter indeed cracks herself up but it’s impossible not to chuckle heartily with her; she brings melodrama and wit, basking in the giddiness of the peculiar. 

Deliberately insufferable in her alter ego, she has a unique charm.  Stalter relishes in audience engagement and consuming her quips and improvisations feels like a gift. If anything, the audience members who scurried out part way, added fuel to Stalters’ funny bones. She rambles, perhaps winging it…in the best way possible. Its what Stalter does best.

Mostly plotless… Megan’s evening of Mayhem is none the less fabulous although a hint of narrative may have added an extra sequin to her comedic brilliance. Her loose approach is undeniably hilarious but a greater glimpse into a variety of her character sketches could have added another layer of enjoyment for the audience.  

In the delightful realm of unconventional humour, Megan Stalter thrives. Mayhem is served. 

An Evening of Mayhem with Megan Stalter
Gilded Balloon Teviot, Debating Hall
22-23, 25-27 Aug


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