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An Evening with Michael Fry and Killian Sundermann

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

4 stars

As two of Ireland’s hottest digital talents, Michael Fry and Killian Sundermann unleash their unique blend of humour, sketches, and tunes live on stage.

Claiming to be “performing art,” they tackle the stage with the disruptive prowess of a bull in a china shop. The seamless interplay between them keeps the energy high, bouncing off one another with impeccable timing. 

Michael’s musical finesse takes centre stage, delivering a series of infectious tunes that showcase his surprising vocal range. From hitting high notes musically to striking comedic chords, he serenades us with songs detailing everything from navigating Tesco with social anxiety to lampooning the antics of a bigoted rugby dad.

The show cleverly integrates sponsor ads, including everything from cyanide to men’s underwear, adding an extra layer of hilarity. And the show isn’t complete without a finale that has everyone singing, “The show is over, we can do what we want.” (which according to the audience is to drink Buckfast)

Initially uncertain about the transition from TikTok to the stage, Fry and Sundermann hit the comedy home run proving that they’re not just Ireland’s internet sweethearts – they’re bona fide comedy maestros.

An Evening with Michael Fry and Killian Sundermann
Underbelly Bristo Square, The Dairy Room
1-28 Aug


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