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Andronicus Synedoche

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Claire Smith interviews Grzegorz Bral, co-founder and director of Song of the Goat Theatre

Your new work Andronicus Synedoche is based on Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus.  Why did you want to work with that play?

I have always wanted to work with this play.  When on January 24 last year the war in Ukraine started it gained a new significance. For me the play is not only about power and war it is also about lack of balance. It is about deeply dysfunctional families.

What does the title, Andronicus Synedoche, mean?

Synedoche means that every part represents the whole thing.  It is a style which represents the origins of tragic drama, while also being extremely modern.

You have worked all over the world but Edinburgh Fringe has been an important place for Song of the Goat. Why is that?

We have won two Fringe First awards, two Herald Angels and a Herald Archangel.  Our last show Songs of Lear was the highest rated show in terms of stars of any show that year. We are very pleased to be returning this year – with the help of the Polish Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

So what can audiences expect?

Titus Andronicus is a very violent play.  The amount of death, murder, torture and bloodshed is incredible.

The music in Andronicus Synedoche is composed by Maciej Rychły and Jean Claude Acquaviva from Corsica, who also worked on Songs of Lear. The music is how you experience the tragedy and the violence of the performance.   The actors sing, move and sometimes speak – but music is the essence of it.

Andronicus Synecdoche presented by Song of the Goat Theatre
ZOO Southside (Main House)
August 4 – 27 (not 7,14,21) 20.20


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