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Angel Monster

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

4 stars

Angel Monster, a riveting dance-physical theatre creation by Australia’s Phluxus2 Dance Collective and choreographer Nerida Matthaei, presents an unfiltered exploration of equality, ownership, and respect. This captivating production, an ode to femininity’s strength, ignites profound conversations through its explosive choreography.

The five performers, clad in beige bras, spanx, and unblended bronzer, energetically guide the audience into the space. Angel Monster then unfolds with giant suspended chrysalises that open to release clothes, inviting the performers to engage with the fabric and space. From controlled sequences to frantic movements, the choreography’s dynamism commands attention. Music shifts from serene instrumentals to pulsating beats and metallic clangs, mirroring the production’s emotional rollercoaster.

With a striking juxtaposition, the performers morph from sweet smiles to haunting grimaces, embodying a profound exploration of beauty standards and the pain behind them. Triggering themes, including rape and assault, intertwine with the narrative, urging viewers to contemplate societal pressures and their consequences.

Angel Monster resonates particularly with those who’ve questioned their purpose amidst society’s stringent norms. Echoes of voices—older and younger women—converge, adding depth to the narrative. The dancers’ metamorphosis into an ‘Angel Monster,’ a representation of society’s conflicting expectations, forms a captivating climax. With a blend of movement and emotion, Angel Monster pushes the boundaries of traditional dance, offering a thought-provoking journey that ignites conversation and sparks introspection.

Angel Monster
Assembly Checkpoint
24-27 Aug


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