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Ania Magliano

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Words: Claire Smith

Tell us about your new show.  What is it about?

Basically I had a really bad hair cut last year.   It was so bad that when I was doing gigs I had to start by addressing the haircut.
So when I started building the show I thought I’d go back to the haircut and start from there.

So where did that lead you?

Well what I took from it is the feeling of being extreme vulnerability and embarrassment and I took that as a jumping off point.  It’s about how I cope with being out of control.

And how personal does it get?

I had breast reduction surgery.  I wasn’t going to talk about it on stage but I was talking about it with friends and they were – this is so funny.   It’s something I’ve never seen anyone talk about on stage.

Your show last year was a big success.  Do you feel the pressure this year?

Yes!  People took a chance on me last year and I want them to come back this year and have a good time.
I do feel the pressure but hopefully it comes from a good place.

So how have you progressed?

I was doing a lot – my mum is like this my dad is like this.  I wasn’t being that honest about it.  I think when you’re new it’s so scary you just want to talk about the funniest thing you can think of.
Now I have more experience I think – how can I make the truth funnier. 

So how’s it going?

I have some shows where people come with me – there’s a narrative and people get really invested.

People in the audience are more likely to recognise the truth and relate to it.  That’s the difference between stand up and sitcom.

Ania Magliano: I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This

2 –27 August (not 14th)Time: 4:35pm 

Pleasance Courtyard: Baby GrandAddress:Pleasance Courtyard, The Pleasance, Edinburgh EH1



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