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Annabel Marlow… is this okay??

Words: Natasha Chanse

Annabel Marlow’s laissez-faire approach to life in this performance is immensely reassuring and gorgeously uplifting. The show demonstrates how, by speaking your truth so candidly in art, you will be rewarded with the devotion of an audience who feel unified by common experience.

As an audience member, you will leave feeling as though you know Marlow like a best friend and that she, in turn, understands you the same. Break-ups, awkward hook-ups, ghosting, romances with your roommate; the friction of adulthood is shared and (temporarily) smoothed out by Marlow’s golden singing tone.

Set to the beat of her cowboy boots, the KT-Tunstall-esque music plays out the undulations of life with a momentum that builds excitement for the journey. The performance never feels heavy nor exclusionary, with no binaries or expectations imposed unto the crowd. Instead, the atmosphere feels very much like setting the world aright by dancing away the heaviness with your best friends. This free-spirited trait does result in some mishaps that suggest an element of disorganisation at times; however, these instances are greeted as further evidence of ‘c’est la vie’ and are spun into the endearingly sincere fabric of the performance.

Marlow’s sincere enjoyment throughout is undeniable and contagious, and whilst we might not know for sure if it’s okay, we do know that the ride can be a lot of fun.  

Annabel Marlow… is this okay??
Pleasance Courtyard, The Attic
18-27 Aug


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