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Any Suggestions, Doctor? The Improvised Doctor Who Parody

Words: Alex Grunberg

4 Stars

A talented group of comedians take the audience on an original Doctor Who inspired journey that relishes its own silliness. The show starts with audience suggestions for a wacky (yet family appropriate) episode title, a decided-by-applause location, and a literal roll of the dice to determine our Doctor of the day. I happened to be in the audience for a ‘garlic bread shenanigan’ themed trip to Ibiza with the Doctor and his companion that resulted in a ridiculous take on the importance of best friends.

The playful cast offers high energy performances and a strong commitment to physical comedy, using imaginative prompts to guide us every step of the way. Here, there are no mistakes, just opportunities for comedy and excuses to be goofy. 

Filled with in-jokes and good-natured jabs at the highs and lows of the series, fans of the show will be pleased to recognise familiar side characters and notable moments in Doctor Who history mixed throughout an unfolding tale of science fiction whimsy. But while steadfast fans will enjoy the nods to the series, even those unfamiliar with the specifics can enjoy the antics of this bubbly cast of potential Doctors, enthusiastic companions, and not-so-menacing foes.

Any Suggestions, Doctor? The Improvised Doctor Who Parody
Pleasance Dome, AceDome
18-27 Aug


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