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Baga Chipz

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Words: Claire Smith

So Baga – I hear this is your first Fringe.

I’ve never been to the Edinburgh Fringe before.  I’ve performed at CC Blooms and with the Drag Race tour. I’ve always wanted to do it.  People like Lily Savage and Julian Clary made their names there and became really successful. 

So what’s the show going to be like?

It’s still going to be me. Little gobby Baga. There’ll be stories from my life growing up.  It’s very Sex and the City. If you want to sum up the show in a single word it’s cabaret. There’ll be dancers, I’ll be singing and I’ll be telling funny stories.

So no lip synching?

Well when you’re on Drag Race you have to Lip Synch for your Life – but that was never really my thing – although I did beat Cheryl Hole. I started on the drag circuit and the cabaret circuit and if you’ve got the pipes you go for it.

Who will be joining you in Edinburgh?
There’ll be dancers The Chipz and Dales.  They’ll be lifting me over their heads which isn’t easy I can tell you. My real life husband Mr Chipz might also be making an appearance.

How would you describe your style?

Some drag queens like The Vivienne look like supermodels. Baga Chipz is a character – a northern trollop.  The women you see in Benidorm with short hair, 200 fags in their bag.  I’m a glamorous 65 year old who still wears glitter.

So can we expect costume changes?

Oh yes. There will be costume changes.  If you work on the drag circuit you have to learn how to change in about 20 seconds.

Baga Chipz: Material Girl
Gilded Balloon Teviot – Debating Hall
4-9 Aug


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