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Beautiful Evil Things

Words: Jacqueline Ross

Beautiful Evil Things is a force to be reckoned with. From the minute Deborah Pugh takes to the stage you can tell that something powerful is going to happen. Presenting as Medusa, the most famous and beautiful of the Gorgons, she sets about telling Trojan War stories in a fast, furious and demonstrative way, leaving the audience transfixed … as if turned to stone.

Deborah thrashes, glides and struts her way through the scenes fittingly building the horror and drama. Armed only with a few simple props, the tension mounts with added mic effects and sly asides of wit and banter. What she uncovers is a fierce and captivating re-telling of Greek mythology, aiming to right the wrongs. Bringing the females to the fore.

The brave Penthesilea, the prophetic Cassandra and the ‘worst wife ever’ Clytemnestra alongside Medusa and her sisters are the stars of the show, turning the tables on the so called heroes and Gods. This is girl power at its earliest and doesn’t waiver in pushing their fearsome agenda to rectify their demonised PR. Screaming ‘This is our story!’

There is indeed both beauty and evil in Deborah’s energetic performance. Alongside solidarity and friendship amongst our female warriors. Brought to you by Ad Infinitum whose aim is to provoke, move and inspire, this does all three. You might just leave the performance with a new mindset, your shoulders back and your head held high!  

Beautiful Evil Things
Pleasance Dome, Queen Dome
9-13, 15-20, 22-27 Aug


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