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Biswa Kalyan Rath: Live

Words: Jacqueline Ross

It takes a certain amount of courage to perform unscripted stand up but it also commands a degree of likeability and Biswa Kalyan Rath has this in droves. His casual entrance following a showbiz style introduction exuded a relaxed and informal vibe. 

Armed with only a whiteboard and the audience at his disposal, the show consisted of passing the mic along each row, general chit chat with each member and doodling significant findings on the whiteboard. His skill was in tying it all together. Making the audience one. Some audience members were unwittingly comedy gold and Biswa did not let this pass him by.

However, describing the show as a ‘collaborative effort’ was his way of blaming the audience if it didn’t go well and there were moments where it was a little flat or he lingered too long. A couple of checks to his phone for time gave the slight impression of willing the end to come.

But genuinely funny moments arose as Biswa psychologically dug into the amusing within often mundane descriptions. He wasn’t afraid to embark on riskier subjects but it was the deconstruction of a simple turn of phrase or everyday fact that led to the biggest laughs.

Overall an enjoyable experience that will be hugely different every time he takes to the stage. Each show will be unique and hilarious in it’s own way.

Biswa Kalyan Rath: Live
Monkey Barrel Comedy, Hive 1
5-27 Aug (not 15)


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