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Chelsea Hart – Damet Garm: How I Joined a Revolution

Words: Natasha Chanse

TikTok phenomenon Chelsea Hart cries power in this set with their unflinching dialogue on the political protests that are currently occurring in Iran. By speaking the truth so eloquently and bravely, the set is a demonstration of human empathy in action and therein lies the mission statement of the show; that it is in empathy where action against authoritative political powers can begin.

Whilst the themes of this show are undeniably heavy, it takes remarkable comedic skill to move a crowd to tears of horror one moment and laughter the next. Hart clearly possesses a sophisticated understanding of when to intersperse the dark with the light, when to expose both the hilarious contradictions of politics and their dangerous consequences.

However, this aptitude falters slightly when the dialogue on Iran is interspersed with Hart’s own biography, with the transitions between political commentary and personal experience sometimes feeling stiff. Nevertheless, the personal element undeniably plays an important role in explaining why she joined the revolution; expect heavy themes of great personal struggle at the hands of selfish behaviour, with the heartening end that the world would become a far better place if we all chose love over individual greed.

Ultimately, Hart understands that speaking the truth – with humour and vulnerability – will always build connections; whether it be to their 42 million viewers on TikTok or the intimate crowds of the Edinburgh Fringe. Do not miss this show.

*Trigger warning: themes of violence and suicide

Chelsea Hart – Damet Garm: How I Joined a Revolution
Gilded Balloon Teviot, Sportsmans
7-27 Aug (not 14)


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