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Chloe Radcliffe: Cheat

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

Chloe Radcliffe’s Cheat, dives into the shadows of relationships and infidelity with an audacious American flair. With a unique blend of humour, Chloe opens up about her history of serial monogamy and the tangled webs of deception that accompany it.

With stories of her sexcapade’s and her unconventional upbringing as a precocious loner, Chloe’s jokes land with both hits and occasional misses, generating moments of genuine hilarity. She examines cheating as a coping mechanism, delivering unfiltered insights that challenge conventional norms.

While tackling taboo subjects head-on, Cheat also delves into the blurred lines of fidelity and the dynamics that underpin relationships. Chloe’s candid embrace of her own cheating tendencies provides a window into her complex journey of self-discovery, weaving themes of nuance, forgiveness, and hope. However her unabashed candour about her experiences with cheating can be jarring at times, forcing viewers to question their own assumptions and biases.

Amidst the laughter, Cheat uncovers a raw, unfiltered side of Chloe Radcliffe. The stark contrast between her onstage confidence and inner insecurities adds depth to her performance. The show doesn’t seek to offer neat resolutions, but instead invites the audience to confront uncomfortable truths, encouraging them to reflect on their own beliefs about relationships and human fallibility.

Chloe Radcliffe: Cheat
Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker Three
15-27 Aug


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