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Chris Grace: As Scarlett Johansson

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

Step into the unique world of Chris Grace: As Scarlett Johansson, where the multi-talented Chinese-American artist, known for Superstore and Baby Wants Candy, takes you on a whirlwind tribute to the greatest living Asian actor, Scarlett Johansson. 

From the moment you walk in, Chris Grace greets you with warmth, setting the stage for an immediate connection. With a dry wit and deadpan delivery, he masterfully weaves his own biography with Scarlett Johansson’s, transforming into different characters using wigs and costumes.

Prepare for an uproarious experience dripping with sarcasm as Chris Grace humorously embodies Scarlett Johansson while reflecting on his own identity and experiences as an Asian artist. His exploration of diversity, hypocrisy, and discrimination in the arts challenges the audience to consider the importance of representation.

The cleverly crafted jokes, sprinkled with call-backs, keep you laughing out loud throughout the show. As Chris Grace takes you through his unique journey, you’ll find yourself caught in a meta-narrative, an inception of sorts – Chris Grace as Scarlett Johansson as Chris Grace as Scarlett Johansson.

Chris gives us more than just a performance; it’s a hilarious and thought-provoking journey that showcases his exceptional comedic talents while inviting you to reflect on the complexities of identity and diversity.

Chris Grace: As Scarlett Johansson
Assembly George Square Studios, Studio Five
14-28 Aug


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