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Circa’s Peepshow (Club Remix)

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Words: Katie McCulloch

Dressed in sparkled shorts, the circa troupe skip, like sprites into the dark, smoky space. The title ‘Peepshow’ alludes to a parade of mischief and Circa provides this whilst also respecting their 18:20 time slot.

A DJ creates the sound scape of the piece and blends in hypnotic techno, swing as well as classical music to complement each sequence. The array of athleticism and balletic shapes is impressive and Yaron Lifschitz accomplishes in directing a showcase of sultry and fun. ‘Peepshow’ succeeds in exhibiting cheekiness without teetering on too much bawdiness. 

The display of strength performed during the stunning silk sequences and handstands are seriously impressive. A sprinkling of surprises is thrown in involving killer high heels and chewing gum like stringy rope … some duets delight more than others; however, the overall orchestration of flexibility and physical power is astounding.

The venue boasts a huge space and those not sitting stage front may feel pangs of envy as most of the show is played front on. The side seaters are shied of some of the shock stunts and physical punch lines, however, this slight drawback is almost inconsequential to the pulsating, live mixing and skill from the performers repeatedly relishing in risk. 

Circa’s Peepshow (Club Remix)
Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows, The Lafayette
7-8, 10-13, 15-20, 22-26 Aug


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