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Craig Hill

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Words Claire Smith

So Craig, this is your 24th consecutive year in Edinburgh – what do you plan to talk about.

The thing I’ve noticed in the last year is my material often comes out of telling stories to friends.  I always think if it makes your friends laugh and it makes you laugh then that is the beginning of a piece of material.
I make notes throughout the year of all the things that have happened to me and all the places I’ve been.

So has it been a good year?

I was on a flight to Cardiff and I heard a man saying he was going to ‘a stag night for homosexuals’ – I don’t know how how people struggle to write material when real life is so funny.
I also went to Eurovision – as a very over enthusiastic punter – and getting invited to watch the final at a pool party in Torremolinos.
I honestly think that the richer and more full your life is the better your comedy is.

How much of your show is improvised?

Most people are surprised to hear that it was seven years before I improvised with an audience. Now I have become known for that – to the extent that some people wonder if I even have a show written down.  I’ll always go with what is funnier – if something funny comes from the audience I’ll go with that.

Do you always wear a kilt?

I think people expect it!  It’s getting dressed for work.  I put it on and become ‘that guy’.   I’ve got 13 kilts – pink, black, red PVC.  I want people to see the same guy they saw before when they came to the show and had a blast.   It’s a great outfit for swirling and dancing in.  People say they don’t recognise me without the kilt but it doesn’t even cover my head.

Can your audience expect any surprises from you this year?

There may be a song about the Edinburgh Trams. I was a closet tram enthusiast.  It’s harder to be gay than to live in Edinburgh and admit you love trams but they are getting more popular so now I can finally admit it.

Craig Hill – This Gets Harder Every Year!
3 – 27 August, 7.30pm (60 mins)
BSL interpreted 19 + 24 Aug, Catherine King BSL/RSLI.

No performance 14 /15 + 21/22 August

VENUE 393:


Venue https://edinburgh.justthetonic.com/event/88:3132/
Fringe 0131-226 0000 / https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/craig-hill-this-gets-harder-every-year


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