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Crash and Burns: A New Comedy

Words: Jacqueline Ross

3 stars

Crash and Burns had a little bit of a sit-com feel about it. Working around a set with a revolving door and six main characters coupled off into three combining situations, the storyline took the form of friends reuniting for a Burns Supper.

In true sit-com format there were secrets, confusion, revelations and the complexity of personalities. It combined nicely into a well written piece where each scenario came to a conclusion. The young cast played the parts really well and with comic effect.

The idea of the link to Auld Lang Syne and forgetting acquaintances was a good one. The piece was a mere nod to Burns though, so don’t expect anything deeper. The other Scottish links came across a tiny bit stereotypical but could be forgiven.

Overall this is an enjoyable watch. It covers the many aspects of coming of age and the difficulties surrounding this but it does it in a light-hearted way. Quips like ‘receiving a Desmond’ give it an amusing and relevant edge.

So if live Twister is your thing and if you fancy a feel good performance, Crash and Burns is a good shout. Displaying the complexities of life, friendships, relationships and more centred around a Burns supper table, what could possibly go wrong?  

Crash and Burns: A New Comedy
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose, Other Yin
20-27 Aug


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