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Cults, Startups and Pornstars: How I (Almost) Won My Dad’s Approval

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

With the ability to weave tragedy into humour, non-traditional comedian Cheyenne showcases Cults, Startups and Pornstars: How I (Almost) Won My Dad’s Approval, a journey into his fascinating and sometimes traumatic life. 

The audience is invited to share in his experiences, gaining permission to laugh at his dark stories while offering a glimpse into his unconventional upbringing from his dating escapades to his childhood where, at just four years old, his dad convinced him he was a Buddhist God. Cheyenne paints a vivid picture of his life’s rollercoaster.

His comparison of life to a James Blunt album on shuffle captures the essence of his narrative, while his analogy of Buddhism to the TV show Survivor provides a fresh and engaging perspective on the spiritual journey. Through his lens, the audience gains a riveting insight into the complexities of the Buddhist religion.

Yet amidst the laughs, Cheyenne’s unresolved daddy issues add depth to the narrative, grounding it in relatable human struggles. The show’s key takeaway – to savour and enjoy life despite its ups and downs – resonates profoundly, leaving audiences both entertained and enlightened.

Cults, Startups and Pornstars: How I (Almost) Won My Dad’s Approval by

ZOO Playground, Playground 2
11-27 Aug


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