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Danny Beard

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Words: Caroline Whitham
You’ve been a drag performer for years, but Danny Beard and Their Band marks your first Fringe show. Are you nervous or is this all old hat for you?
This show really is 10 years in the making! And being able to work with such an amazingly talented bunch of musicians takes a little bit of pressure off! Will I be nervous? YES! Will it be chaotic? YES! Will it be the best night of your life? Well – depends how much you have to drink…

How has life been since winning Drag Race UK? What was it like to realise you were the first bearded queen to win across all the global versions of the show?
It’s always nice to have your art recognised on that kind of level! I’ve been able to work on things I’ve always dreamed of, including presenting my own TV show that will be out in the next few months! I just hope that now we have had a winner like me, it opens the doors to all the other amazing kinds of drag there is! Bio queens, Drag kings, Club kids – the lot! I wanna see more diversity on platforms like drag race!

Did you have any particular idea or message you wanted to put across when you were creating Danny Beard and Their Band?
I wanted to create an old school drag cabaret show for today. Everyone and everything is fair game and I will rip it a new arsehole, but there’s also heart and love sprinkled through. The music through the show really is the soundtrack to the perfect night out too, so expect camp hits, sing along bangers and the odd musical too!

What should the audience expect from your show?
I’m a sassy, shady, singing, cartoon clown. Nothing is serious, nothing matters apart from having a good night. The shows basically improvised too by the way, so the more fun you have the better the show. It’s very interactive and if you want to be left alone I wouldn’t sit in the splash zone!

Have you been to Edinburgh before, and do you have any plans for your stay? Any highlights you’re looking forward to?
I’ve recently performed at Edinburgh pride and I loved my stay! Of course I’ll be seeing as much as I can and as many queer talents as I can fit in! I’m also a lover of magic so I’m gonna try and fit in a little visit to Magical Bones, and my drag race sister Lawrence Chaney.

Are there any other shows you’re looking forward to seeing?
No, only my own.

Danny Beard and Their Band
21-25 Aug


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