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Darran Griffiths: Inconceivable

Words: Elodie Marriott

Faced with an audience of majority white people, Darran Griffiths is undeterred. In fact, he claims it’s his natural habitat; he lives in Hertfordshire now. As the name suggests, Inconceivable is about his strenuous journey to parenthood, which he can now joke about after the births of his healthy children.

To warm the crowd up, Griffiths begins with some snappy anecdotes about dating interracially, banning potentially racist nursery rhymes, and his enjoyment of lad banter. Throughout his set, he makes call-backs to these earlier quips, succeeding in maintaining a light-heartedness when discussing weightier topics.

The main portion of his set explains how couples who have trouble conceiving, face the issue, both medically and emotionally. While peppered with jokes about the strangeness of the process, Griffiths is incredibly sincere and uses his experience with infertility, which is often seen as shameful, to bring more awareness and compassion to others. His charismatic and easy-going attitude make him an engaging storyteller, enlightening us on the secret sperm-collecting departments within the NHS.

Inconceivable entertains and educates simultaneously, urging us to be a little more considerate when probing couples with inquiries about pregnancy.

Darran Griffiths: Inconceivable
Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker One
13, 15-27 Aug


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