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David McIver: Small Boy Trapped in a Wellness Retreat

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

4 stars

David McIver’s comedy show, Small Boy Trapped in a Wellness Retreat, is a laugh out loud hour of good vibes that guarantees to leave your mental wellness improved. 

McIver’s grand entrance – peeking from behind a curtain like a stand-up magician – sets the tone for an hour of hilarious enlightenment. He’s just celebrated the big 3-0 and is embracing the aging process by gaining a forehead, reminiscing on his past successes and embracing his unique hobbies. 

McIver then takes a detour into wellness guru territory with an inspiring PowerPoint presentation. He claims it’s not comedy; it’s wellness, and he might be onto something. Lessons on how to stop mental health and what Pokémon you are are dispensed via professional level designed slideshows. 

With a blend of nerdy charm, informative whimsy, great comedic chops and mad Photoshop skills, McIver is a gem in the Free Fringe scene. If you want the perfect body – be it human, dog, or fish – follow McIver’s tips, or just laugh till your abs resemble a washboard.

David McIver: Small Boy Trapped In A Wellness Retreat
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Banshee Labyrinth, Cinema Room
22-27 Aug


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