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Doktor Kaboom and the Wheel of Even More Science!

Words: Jacqueline Ross

4 stars

Throngs of schoolchildren made their way into this show, awestruck faces and loud excited chatter as the ‘wheel of even more science’ took centre stage. Doctor Kaboom made his big entrance and immediately cajoled the audience into playing their part when prompted.

The show’s format was as assumed. Spin the wheel, do the experiment. One by one eager children were selected to take to the stage and assist with each. This show consists of Catapult Schmatapult, Exothermia, Hovercraft and the Air Cannon. All sounding promising!

Doctor Kaboom perhaps took too long attempting to quieten the audience, but otherwise kept the pace with jokes and interaction. Everyone shouting ‘Ya’ and ‘Kaboom’ throughout. There were pointers in there too encouraging self-esteem and kindness, a really nice touch.

But the star of this show was the experiments. Catching and eating catapulted banana slices, a giant dramatic foaming test tube, fog rings blowing through the air and the best of all – the hovercraft transporting a happy little boy right across the stage. Huge cheers for them all!

Doctor Kaboom is onto something. What kids wouldn’t love to be part of this much fun! It is educational, an appealing intro to science and with a bonus tip on how to beat the ‘Test Your Strength’ machine at fairgrounds, Doctor Kaboom has invented a super top family day out!

Doktor Kaboom and the Wheel of Even More Science!
Pleasance Courtyard, Beyond
24-27 Aug


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