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Dominique Salerno: The Box Show

Words: Alex Grunberg

5 stars

One comedian. One box. One hour of delightful fun in what might be the most creative comedy act I’ve ever seen. 

Dominique Salerno’s imagination is not limited but unleashed by the small environment of the box on stage that she inhabits. She deftly takes on multiple roles (sometimes within the same sketch) with impressive transformative skills and hilarious commitment to even the most absurd scenarios. She embodies her characters with the physicality and animation of a Pixar cartoon. She tumbles, she falls, she screams, she seduces, she commits crimes, and she goes on epic journeys, all inside a box. And she seems to be having so much fun doing it, which makes it even more enjoyable to watch. 

It is hard to pick stand out moments, but the creativity of the show was raised to new levels in a sketch that follows a camp talent show from an unexpected perspective. And I found myself getting surprisingly emotional during the monologue of a lonely giantess. However, even that sketch never sacrificed its silliness for its poignancy, letting both reside comfortably beside each other. 

Salerno approaches her act with fearless energy and is truly a joy to watch. 

Dominique Salerno: The Box Show
Pleasance Courtyard, The Cellar
22-27 Aug


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