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Eden Sher: I Was On A Sitcom

Words: Douglas O’Hara

After playing nine seasons as Sue Heck on ABC’s sitcom The Middle, Eden Sher discusses her attachment to the show’s 215 scripts stacked in her office and examines where Sue ended, and Eden began. 

It’s no surprise most of the audience is there for Sue Heck and in Sher’s introduction she happily delivers her character’s famous “Really?!!!” while performing her famous celebratory dance. 

Sher explains being 17 at the beginning of the show and how she felt split between Sue and herself through the years much like identical twins split from one egg. Sher alludes this feeling to her unexpected and high-risk pregnancy, of yes you guessed it—identical twins. Expertly switching voices and mannerisms between the doctors and nurses who cared for her in the hospital, the performance is a perfect example of utilising physical and verbal comedy. The entire experience was a healing moment for Sher through bouts of laughter while narrating an emotional and challenging journey. Having her daughters safely back home, the ripping of a script and a final realisation. Sher separates from Sue, for the final time. 

Most arrived for Sue, but everyone stayed for Eden. A wonderful comic and masterful storyteller which stepped out of, as she mentioned, “the portal” of Sue Heck and emerged with a stellar performance with expert pacing and delivery.

Sher graciously thanked everyone for coming, jokingly apologised for the moments of phlegm build up and offered to meet people afterwards for pictures and a chat.

Eden Sher: I Was On A Sitcom
Gilded Balloon Teviot, Turret
13, 16-28 Aug


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