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EGG: Absolutely Fine

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

An incredibly funny hour of comedy, showcasing the dynamic talent of Anna Leong Brophy and Emily Lloyd-Saini, the brilliant minds behind Egg: Absolutely Fine. With charisma by the bucketload, the duo’s on-stage chemistry is palpable as they bounce off each other with energy and enthusiasm.

Navigating seamlessly between sketches and candid discussions about their own real-life friendship, the show provides a fresh perspective on the highs and lows of growing up together. Anna and Emily, both bonafide TV stars, reunite on stage with a togetherness that’s both endearing and hilarious.

With a mantra of “keep it light,” the show delves into the intricacies of friendships in your 30s, addressing changing priorities, life shifts, and the challenges of maintaining connections. Their unfiltered portrayal of navigating friendship breakups, evolving priorities, and reconciling differences is both heartfelt and hilarious.

Egg: Absolutely Fine is a delightful blend of clever sketch comedy and relatable insights, touching on themes ranging from relationships to the patriarchy, all while serving up a platter of egg puns. Their shared experiences lend authenticity to their sketches, creating a camaraderie with the audience.

Their friendship, tested by life’s twists and turns, emerges even stronger, and their genuine laughter-inducing moments resonate deeply. Spending an hour with Egg is not only side-splittingly fun but also an insightful exploration of the enduring power of friendship.

Egg: Absolutely Fine
Pleasance Courtyard, Beside
15-27 Aug


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