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Eleanor Conway: Talk Dirty to Me

Words: Alex Grunberg

Eleanor Conway liberally mixes sex jokes and feminist politics in her raunchy stand-up routine, Talk Dirty to Me. Tackling gender inequality, unsatisfying sexual experiences, and the daunting nature of online dating, Conway is fired up and fed up. Her show is driven by a passionate rage to support women; to stop women from excusing men’s behaviour, and to stop heterosexual women from compromising on their pleasure.

Conway tracks the historical shifts in straight female responsibility for male pleasure and comfort through statistics (true and exaggerated) as well as through her own personal history – a history of capable mothers, fathers who are let off the hook for doing the bare minimum, and a candid look at what she herself has been willing to accept from sexual partners. 

This is an aggressively sexual routine. And the subject matter could be a little daunting for the men in the audience. But Conway is not here to apologise to those who scare easily, and she is done with making her needs smaller for the comfort of others. 

An unashamedly X-rated comedy act for women striving for satisfaction, independence, and the rare sexual partners willing to meet bare minimum hygiene standards. 

Eleanor Conway: Talk Dirty to Me
Laughing Horse @ Three Sisters, Maggie’s Chamber
18-20, 22-27 Aug


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