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Fall and Flow

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

Fall and Flow is a captivating production that showcases the brilliance of Hong Kong’s physical theatre scene. With a thematic focus on love, control, hate, and war, the production unfolds through six poignant short stories, all interlinked by the pursuit of a legendary sword. The absence of spoken language is compensated by the eloquence of the five-member ensemble, accompanied by a musician, as they articulate a compelling narrative through a blend of dance, martial arts, and mime.

The five-part narrative unfolds with a dynamic mix of dance, martial arts, and mime elements, all executed flawlessly by the cast. They infuse curiosity and cheeky naivety into their roles, enhancing the storytelling with their comedic and circus-inspired antics. The precision and fluidity of their movements are astounding as they seamlessly transition from smooth choreography to high-energy fight sequences.

Fall and Flow is a tour de force of physical theatre, a must-see for enthusiasts of the genre and a perfect introduction for newcomers. With its imaginative use of props, impressive choreography, and heartfelt storytelling, this production leaves a lasting impression. 

Fall and Flow
Underbelly Cowgate, Big Belly
17-27 Aug


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