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Fool’s Paradise

Words: Katie McCulloch

4 stars

Britt Plummer lights up the stage with an energy reminiscent of Miss Honey from Roald Dahl’s Matilda, albeit with a twist. Oscillating between bedtime story-like charm and the allure of an erotic novel, Britt delivers a performance that’s both playful and thoughtful. Her expressiveness and warmth draw the audience into the world she weaves.

Fool’s Paradise tells Britt’s tale of falling in love on the cusp of and during lock down, the joys and struggles of a (very) long distance relationship and the anxiety circulating it. Britt resides in Adelaide, her love ‘Otto’ in Sweden. Both clown performers dream of a clown wedding – the bells and whistles of red noses and slapstick slips and trips…. 

Her dreams are dashed, and the production’s bittersweet essence is skilfully captured by Plummer’s dynamic portrayal, seamlessly transitioning from joy to melancholy. Clowning moments pepper the narrative – ‘Otto’ is personified as a mop in a suit jacket, two coffee cups represent their relationship – the usage of props add a whimsical touch. Though the pacing falters occasionally during non-verbal segments, the vibrant soundtrack and Britt’s voice compensates with its melodic grace. The ending is simply stunning. Britt masters going from giving the audience goosebumps of sadness to making their heart swell with joy.

Delectable and thought provoking, Fool’s Paradise is a plucky charm of a piece.

Fool’s Paradise
Summerhall, Old Lab
23-27 Aug


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