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FREYA PARKER: It Ain’t Easy Being Cheeky

Words: Natasha Chanse

Freya Parker is no stranger to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, being 50% of the Lazy Susan duo who amassed a fortune of 5-star reviews with their 2018 performance of Forgive Me, Mother! Parker delivers this same laidback, cool-girl energy in her debut solo show, It Ain’t Easy Being Cheeky.

Understanding self-deprecation to be the ace card in a comedic deck, Parker cements her position as a seasoned professional of the live scene by opening the show with a dig at her petite 5’ frame. Another clever tactic employed throughout the show is the coined nickname for the audience, otherwise known as her ‘chuckle’ (the collective noun for a group of ‘cheeky’ folk). The dynamic between the cheeky comic and her attentive chuckle is a familiar and friendly one, with the set comfortably addressing topics such as therapy, grief and anxiety.

Whilst jokes about morbid fascination and awkward waves between strangers will reach a common understanding, the performance is let down by the fundamental lack of understanding for what is meant by ‘cheeky’. That it isn’t easy at times to live in this world is clearly expressed in jokes that effortlessly elicit laughter from the chuckle.

However, Parker’s attempted definition of ‘cheeky’ merely comes in the form of disparate personal experiences only suggesting that she was at times rebellious as a child, other times random. The show’s title does the performance a disservice; come to spend an hour with a likeable, relatable comic who will hilariously expose and mock our internet habits. Don’t, however, expect to learn how it isn’t easy being cheeky. 

Freya Parker: It Ain’t Easy Being Cheeky
Pleasance Courtyard, Baby Grand
9-13, 15-27 Aug


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