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Frisky & Mannish’s PopLab, Assembly George Square Gardens

An epidemic has befallen the ears of humanity. It does not sprawl from the mouths of politicians, certainly not the echoes of falling trees – no, we find this poison in the tropical beats of clubhouse anthems. Fret not, Frisky & Mannish’s PopLab has been working tirelessly on a cure, and they’re here to present their findings.

Science, though hideously underfunded, is all about the results, not the pay (occupational hazard). A round of applause then, for who else is tirelessly working to maintain our rarest breeds of musicians?  Introducing pop-sensational boybands back into the world takes time, it’s far from an easy, or pleasant, experience.

Ingenuity on show, spectacle is their game and pleasures are, well, that’s for later. Few have control over a crowd as much as this pair do, drawing out the best in young, old, newcomers and veteran fans. 

Terrific Fringe acts give a reason to strong-arm friends, loved-ones, cats and absolute strangers into coming to see a show for a second viewing. Offering enough shake-up each night, Frisky & Mannish construct enough leeway, resulting in a different performance each night. This evening results in a definitive shift in how one feels about the late 80s, internet reviving phoenix that is Rick Astley.

Every so slightly dipping, in the oddest of places, not directly in the middle, but within the middle of the middle, nothing is poor, simply weak in comparison to the sandwiching fabulousness enclosing this section of stretching humour.  

Lusciously welcoming, Frisky & Mannish’s PopLab sits as a cherry astride an already decorative cake that is the Fringe. Frisky & Mannish are one of those rare acts where their absence is evident, returning in a blazing glory of hair, sass and top-notch tunes.

Frisky and Mannish Poplab is on Assembly George Square Gardens – Palais du Variete at 7 pm until the 25th, not the 19th.


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