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Gillian Cosgriff: Actually, Good

Words: Izzy Toner

Two objects marked Gillian Cosgrove’s set of comedy, music and storytelling: a keyboard and an affectionately nicknamed notebook. Armed with these and an energetic stage presence, Gillian creates a warm environment where, against all odds, the audience were competing to participate. 

Dressed in a bright cobalt co-ord, she begins with a playful tune and gently introduces how her act works. She seamlessly transitions between witty musical numbers, delivering a selection of tales accompanied with theatrical affectations, and acting as a hilarious scribe (sitting at a small table noting and reacting to audience contributions.)

With a great voice, jaunty tunes and funny stories, Gillian is upbeat, charming and unapologetically millennial. She is an absolute pro at putting the audience at ease, and asked for ten of the crowd’s ‘likes’ to jot down in her book, from small joys to the best feelings in life.

Her songs and stories all seem untethered but in an unexpected shift in tone towards the end of the show, the audience is faced with a very real message about grief and worldviews that puts her rest of her show into a new, more meaningful perspective. She achieves this without draining the humour from her set, and the audience leave with a more poignant and lasting appreciation for her comedy.

Gillian Cosgriff: Actually, Good
Pleasance Courtyard, Cabaret Bar
17-27 Aug


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