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Help Yourself

Words: Ali Michaels

Are you looking for happiness? Get happy now with an exclusive, quick and easy 5 step programme.

This is the premise of Help Yourself and the promise that the hilariously energetic co-hosts of this theatrical seminar make to you. Self-help, quick fixes, self-betterment start-ups and subliminal messaging tell us ‘THIS will make you happy.’ This play offers a satirical commentary on the modern phenomenon.

The co-hosts of this self-help seminar, are, on the surface, jarringly energetic and overtly positive.
This very quickly establishes itself as the basis for where the play is heading, as we begin to see
chinks in the armour of this seemingly untroubled pair.

The play seesaws between an almost farcical (and always enjoyable) façade of joviality and a
sombre sincerity, sometimes blurring the line between the two, keeping the audience intrigued and
on their toes.

Help Yourself feels fresh and contemporary, addressing toxic positivity and emotional avoidance and offering pointers on what we can do to become more comfortable with this intimacy.

Jess Brodie and Victoria Bianchi’s performances are constantly engaging, energetic and enigmatic.
The pair have excellent chemistry and are a delight to watch. Just watching the two perform
together made me happy and if there was a sign up sheet to their membership on the way out of
the theatre, I would have subscribed.

Help Yourself
Summerhall, Demonstration Room
13, 15-20, 22-27 Aug


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