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HERITAGE FUTURES: Re-designing the past

Words: Billie Cogman

5 stars

Heritage Futures: Re-Designing the Past is a small exhibition presented at Deaf Action as part of the second annual Edinburgh Deaf Festival.

The exhibition looks at the history of deaf education, culture, and community in Edinburgh over multiple centuries. From the world’s first school for deaf children, to the world’s first deaf community organization, Heritage Futures presents visitors with an insight into a piece of Edinburgh’s history that is often hidden.

Using the physical landscape of the city as a canvas, the exhibition imagines how we can share this history on a larger scale by presenting possible installations for significant sites around Edinburgh—including recognizable locations like Chessel’s Court, the National Gallery and the Scottish Parliament—that tell the story of their importance to deaf history.

Whether you are deaf or hearing, you are sure to walk away from Heritage Futures with new knowledge about the city and its relationship with deaf culture.

Heritage Futures: Re-designing The Past
Deaf Action
All Day
11-20 Aug


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