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I Hope Your Flowers Bloom

Words: Chloe Shimmin

Trapped in his grey flat, with the dog barking next door and the couple fighting upstairs, Ramond Wilson looks out to the tree outside his window for comfort. He captures his torment of lockdown poetically even as he describes scrolling Instagram and Tinder.

Through acquaintance turned close friend Flo, Ramond escapes his grey life and travels with her in her van to enjoy the outdoors. As the two friends grow closer and Ramond falls into something of an obsession, Ramond takes us all around Scotland with his words. 

Battling his self-image throughout, Ramond explores masculinity, health and body image without leaving you with any conclusions. He guides us through season after season with the changing of nature, his words always specific and mesmerizing. Surprisingly humourous at times and with a distinctively Glaswegian voice, Ramond evokes powerful imagery of flowers as well as human connection.

Another obsession permeates the piece; facts. Ramond guides our focus, telling us descriptively beautiful facts about flowers, plants and trees until the story moves towards romance and raw emotion. The facts become less present until we are left with only the truth.

Ramond is captivating, moving, honest, vulnerable and commands the stage for a whole hour. His storytelling is engaging and refreshing and at times a little intense. With minimal use of props and set, and the effective use of simple lighting, it is Ramond’s powerful words that take us on the journey far from the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

I Hope Your Flowers Bloom
Scottish Storytelling Centre, Netherbow Theatre
14-15, 17-19, 21-27 Aug


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