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I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical

Words: Calum Baxter

5 Stars

As a fan of musical theatre, there was no need to convince me to see this incredible production. It has garnered 35 five-star reviews, a West End Wilma Award and nominations for BroadwayWorldUK Award for Theatrical Event of the Year, Broadway World Scotland Award for Best Musical Production as well as the Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence. As a result, I do feel as though I’m preaching to the choir, or should I say the chorus line, with this glowing review.

Starring Jennifer Caldwell, Sev Keoshgerian, Rhidian Marc and Julie Yammanee, with music and lyrics by Alexander S. Bermange and choreographed by Matthew Parker, the musical revue follows the trials and tribulations for those on both sides of the curtain.  From naïve, starry-eyed actors on their first audition straight out of drama school to underappreciated understudies and insufferable divas, from passionate theatre fans to actors who believe they are past their prime and resigned to the chorus line. The chemistry among the cast is clear to see and their love of theatre is infectious filling the room with joy. Alexander S. Bermange’s incredibly funny, astute lyrics reference an array of musicals and touch on very prevalent stories in the theatre world. 

For those experienced in theatre, the show offers a relatable retelling of hilarious accounts of humiliating auditions and embarrassing mid-performance mishaps. But for those who are merely curious the show offers a glimpse into the day-to-day life of this often mysterious, illusive career path. 

I Wish My Life Were Like a Musical
Gilded Balloon at the Museum, Auditorium
19-22, 24-27 Aug


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