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Ivo Graham: Organised Fun

Words: Natasha Chanse

4 stars

Ivo Graham’s career boasts numerous professional accolades; he was the youngest ever winner of So You Think You’re Funny in 2009, has performed over ten years’ worth of sold-out runs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and will be recognised by many for appearing on shows such as Live at the Apollo and Mock the Week.

During Organised Fun, however, you’ll find that Graham himself is charmingly bashful on stage. He is clearly happy to allow his Wikipedia page to boast on his behalf and instead opens the show with a self-deprecating roast of his performance on Taskmaster (you may remember him for finishing last).

The structure of the show is similarly modest. Don’t expect an hour-long dialogue on his own life or the state of the world, as is often custom with one-man shows. All confessional quips are self-deprecating and somewhat surface-level; revealing only that he is an introvert with a hatred of small talk who can’t be trusted to organise a holiday.

Instead, Graham gladly steps back for most of the performance, allowing for everyone in the jam-packed auditorium to lead the way. From picking his outfit, to engaging the whole crowd in a collective game of Top Trumps – Graham performs the role of Taskmaster superbly (clearly, he was just miscast as a contestant). The result is an inclusive, enjoyable, and light-hearted round of organised fun that will have you bringing out your rusty old Top Trump deck at the next party.

Ivo Graham: Organised Fun
Pleasance Courtyard, Beyond
22-27 Aug


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