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Janine Harouni: Man’oushe

Words: Jacqueline Ross

3 stars

Janine and her baby bump took to the stage with warm applause, seeming to be a Fringe favourite. She was at ease on her stage, projecting a friendliness and tone of familiarity and often conversing off the cuff with audience members on their shared experiences.

The set was autobiographical and likely very relatable to some. A storyline was woven mainly consisting of her engagement, marriage, pregnancy, family and friendships. Her personality shone through her own lifestyle interpretations of becoming a wife and mother.

Sometimes Janine would drift off into wistful moments but then punchline with an acerbic dig. Describing herself as the creator of their child and her husband the ‘ingredient’ there was some light-hearted disdain for sperm, unimaginative names and male contribution.

But there was also sadness in this show. The tale travelled places you might not expect and as such carried an emotive narrative within. It became a bit of a ‘bare all’ experience producing something slightly immiscible to potentially transport you in and out the zone.     

As a mum, Janine feared losing her identity but then remembered what she had to gain. As a performer she has very much carved an identity that isn’t afraid to explore outwith the norm of funnies. An endearing captivating identity that is very much here to stay.    

Janine Harouni: Man’oushe
Pleasance Courtyard, Beneath
24-25 Aug


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