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Jo Caulfield

Jo Caulfield image

Words: Claire Smith

You live in Edinburgh now.  How does this change the Fringe for you?

If I didn’t live in Edinburgh I wouldn’t be able to afford the Fringe. Accommodation prices are completely out of control. On the plus side, I can walk to my venue and I don’t have to learn how to operate another washing machine.

You are releasing a book in August.  Tell us about it.

I lost my sister to cancer. The book is how I dealt with the grief. But don’t worry, it IS funny. And all profits go to Macmillan Cancer support. Which is bittersweet because if it’s successful, the money will go to a worthwhile cause but I’ll miss out on some serious cash. 

Tell us about your show.  What can we expect?

My shows are a Celebration of Anger. If anything, or anyone, has annoyed me I use my shows as a way to get it off my chest. Bad customer service, feuding family members, relationship problems — all wrapped up in jokes. I pride myself on the quality and quantity of jokes in the show. I think this year’s show is easily my best. But I’ve been saying that every year for 17 years.

What are the best and worst things about being a comic?

The best thing about being a comic is knowing you’re doing something that is giving enjoyment and entertainment to other people. It is the polar opposite of being involved in politics.
The worst? No-one takes comics seriously. No matter what I’m talking about I can see people waiting for the punchline. Not that dissimilar to being involved in politics.

Do you have any tips for making the most of the Fringe?

See a bit of everything: comedy, theatre, dance, whatever. Don’t just stick with one genre.

Always carry two bottles of water: one to stay hydrated and one to sell to tourists.
Give yourself 30-40 mins between shows. Most shows overrun. And venues are always further away than you think. A five minute walk in Edinburgh during the Fringe will always take 15 minutes.
Any bar advertising ‘Award Winning Haggis’ does NOT serve Award Winning Haggis.

Jo Caulfield: Razor Sharp
20:15 August 4 – 27 August (Not 14 or 21)
Stand 3 (28 York Place, EH1 3EP venue number 12)


You can order Jo’s Book The Funny Thing About Death here:


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