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Jody Kamali: Things We Do for Love

Words: Elodie Marriott

3 stars

Kamali’s recreations of significant moments in his life, including his own conception, are wacky and larger-than-life sketches that dramatically portray his life; growing up working-class in Bristol, family dynamics, and the antics of his secretive entrepreneur Dad. The show is dedicated to the transitions he goes through in their father-son relationship in a candid and striking way.

He performs the entire show in pyjamas and a silky red robe. The reason why is never explained, but as with a lot of aspects of the show, it’s better not to question why. Instead give yourself over to the peculiarities and enjoy the ride. It’s impressive and amusing to hear his voice, beginning with his own subtle Bristol twang, changing into an Iranian accent, to his grandmother’s gruff and husky growl. 

This is a one-man show, though as an audience we feel essential to the re-telling as we are roped into quizzes, answering A, B, or C, and even playing dress up as Kamali’s uncles in Iran. It’s a fun performance that is successfully engaging and interactive. 

This is a deeply personal performance that Kamali shares with his audience in colourful and exciting methods. Where else will you hear why Waitrose is a forbidden place in an opera style explanation?

Jody Kamali: Things We Do for Love
Assembly George Square, The Crate
22, 24-28 Aug


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