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Josh Jones: Gobsmacked

Words: Elodie Marriott

4 stars

Immediately after entering the stage, Josh Jones tells us that we look like a fun crowd. Actually, it seems he’s just relieved not to see any rowdy childminders, as he’s been traumatised by their heckles in the past.

He switches abruptly between the two sides of his personality: being extremely gay and growing up in Manchester. The sudden transformations severely contrast each other and makes the story about carrying around a pocket-sized dreamcatcher at all times infinitely funnier after an anecdote about viciously headbutting an assaulter. 

Claiming to thrive in situations that make straight people uncomfortable, he seeks to cultivate one by dedicating a whole section of his show to bumming. Talking about it, that is. He exposes the mysteries of the act through hilarious and blunt examples, leaving the audience a lot more knowledgeable about gay sex than when they came in.

His stories are ridiculous and absurd, but never feel far-fetched or unbelievable. Maybe if someone else was telling them we’d be doubtful, but with Jones, anything is possible. Whether it’s jumping into a canal to avoid geese or bragging to a child about stealing the role of flower girl at his friend’s wedding, he manages to earn our support with every wrong-doing. 

Josh Jones: Gobsmacked
Pleasance Courtyard, Baby Grand
21-27 Aug


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