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Kathy and Stella Solve a Murder

Words: Robert Parker-White

5 stars

After its triumphant debut at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2022, Kathy and Stella Solve a Murder is back to joyous delights of musical theatre fans everywhere.

Kathy and Stella are two best friends and murder enthusiasts who run Hull’s least successful true crime podcast. They feel their big break approaching as they have a meeting with renowned celebrity crime author, Felicia Taylor, but when she suddenly becomes the victim of a vicious murder, our heroines world spins on its head as they turn from amateur crime savants to amateurs sleuth’s vowing to solve her homicide.

The show is refreshingly original with buckets of charm. It lovingly pastiches both the genres of musical theatre and true crime. It is knowing and referential but still manages to stay riveting throughout. Jon Britain and Fabian Aloise run a tight ship, the cast are bang on with every punchline and the singing is faultless.

Jodie Jacobs impresses tenfold as the nasty victim Felicia Taylor (and her sister and brother) – her faux trans-Atlantic accent is excellent and vocals even more formidable as she sends her up in extravagant Miranda Priestly style. Jacobs shows off her versatility in a moving portrayal of D. C Shaw. Just when you think you know what the show is, it completely turns you on your head with her emotional ballad.

Imelda Warren-Green is side-splittingly funny as Kathy and Stella’s number one fan and mortician, Erica whilst TJ Lloyd brings the heart as Justin but it is the titular oddball duo who hold this piece together. Rebekah Hinds Stella is a force of nature as she wrestles with the cost of fame whilst 

Bronté Barbé makes a kind hearted and enchanting Kathy. Together they are completely sublime and we root for them throughout. It is so welcome to see such a fresh take on female friendship.

With a killer score from Matthew Floyd Jones and Jon Brittain, vocals that slay and a perilously good book Kathy and Stella Solve a Murder is the perfect musical treat. Catch this in Edinburgh or on tour quickly, before it becomes a bona fide West End smash hit!

Kathy and Stella Solve a Murder
Underbelly George Square, Udderbelly
26-27 Aug


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