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KING by Pat Kinevane

Words: Caitlin Finnerty

4 stars

Olivier and triple Fringe First-winning Fishamble’s production, KING, a creation by Pat Kinevane, invites audiences into a world where the Argentine tango’s allure intertwines with the poignant tale of Luther. In Pat’s resonant Irish accent, Luther’s journey unfolds under the spotlight, his movements on the floor resembling a dance of memories and emotions. 

Kinevane’s narrative style invites us to Luther’s intimate space, sharing his life as if over a cup of tea. Home is his sanctuary, but shadows of a troubled past linger, occasionally surfacing through vivid flashbacks. With vivid descriptions and captivating narratives of family and friends, Luther’s world is illuminated through dynamic lighting and dreamlike sequences, creating a riveting and striking atmosphere.

The performance is a masterclass in emotional dynamics, weaving moments of pain and seriousness with childlike naivety and the mantra “today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday, and everything is well.” Kinevane hints at a haunting history in “the ward,” a mental institution, and his fear of an impending future without his father, a thread that evokes empathy. Dance and song emerge as cathartic outlets for Luther’s happiness, showcasing Kinevane’s powerhouse voice, particularly when he transforms into a charismatic Elvis impersonator.

KING is a riveting, striking exploration of prejudice, privilege, and the human spirit’s tenacity, leaving a mark on the hearts of its viewers.

KING by Pat Kinevane
Assembly @ Dance Base
25-27 Aug


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