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Krystal Evans: The Hottest Girl at Burn Camp

Words: Alex Grunberg

Presenting a balance between comedy and tragedy is a difficult skill that Krystal Evans has mastered. In “The Hottest Girl at Burn Camp,” she shares stories of her unusual, chaotic, and outright dangerous childhood. Highlighting the unrelatability of her family life, the performance begins with cutting takes on growing up in a mobile home, having an “unconventional” pet, and navigating her relationship with her outrageous (and mentally ill) mother. 

Her cool and sarcastic delivery and unexpected punchlines bring humour to stories that carry an edge of darkness until they culminate in unimaginable tragedy.

 Reckoning with this tragedy, and with Evans’ vulnerability, could be an overwhelming experience. But Evans is a constant professional, always in control as she navigates sorrow with levity, embracing the humour in the danger and pointedly cutting tension with grace. She is not afraid to be honest and she is not afraid to find jokes even in the darkest moments (with the help of some shockingly insensitive EMTs). 

Evans shares a deeply personal story, from incredible loss to the surprising embarrassment of being the hottest girl at burn camp to becoming a mother herself, with the casual and comfortable air of a close friend who is happy to overshare.  

Krystal Evans: The Hottest Girl at Burn Camp
Monkey Barrel Comedy, The Hive
4-27 Aug (not 15)


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