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Laser Kiwi: Rise of the Olive

Words: Russell Goldie

A name as curious as Laser Kiwi: Rise of the Olive instantly poses multiple questions, not all of them positive. Is this going to be like some kind of 2012 meme where randomness is the be-all-end-all of comedy? Aren’t we over this now? If this was your initial impression upon gazing across Laser Kiwi’s poster, all I can recommend is that you crush your concerns and get yourself over to a truly hilarious and, at points, jaw-dropping performance from three new Fringe talents. 

Upon entering the venue, you are handed 3D-glasses and a relatively undecipherable sheet of paper, listing nonsensical titles with numbers running vertically alongside. All becomes clear as the performers explain this is, in some sense, a programme detailing each act – which consists of gags that didn’t fit into previous shows. One soon finds oneself amidst belly-laugh sketches that, while silly at heart, are so well-constructed (with the help of some brilliant lighting-and-sound work) you can’t help but be delighted and impressed. 

The New Zealand trio then quash all previous expectations (at least for those who haven’t seen a Laser Kiwi show before) and throw flashes of genuine acrobatic-based terror at a largely unprepared audience – but not so much that you forget it’s ultimately a comedy show. They masterfully lighten the scares, ad-libbing and gabbing their way through these heart-in-throat moments.
If you’re on the lookout for something thrilling and funny, or something a bit less stand-up and more ‘handstand-on-top-of-Jenga-towers’ this Fringe, Laser Kiwi is an excellent choice.

Laser Kiwi: Rise of the Olive
Assembly Roxy, Central
9-13, 15-27 Aug


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